Leadership in the Low Carbon Economy; Promoting Innovation and Sustainable Growth

The sustainability hub is a business, NGO and academic forum championing action for a low carbon economy and sustainable development. The hub provides a platform for policy development and debate, bringing elected officials to a broad range of business and though leaders. We campaign using innovative approaches to promote our messages, raise awareness and inspire cross party action on sustainability and a low carbon society.

Members of the sustainability hub include global corporations, leading environment charities, professional and academic institutions.  Our membership provides access to in-depth knowledge and data in clean energy, innovation, climate change and the natural environment.

Members develop and participate in campaigns and events which aim to transform policy and engage an information network built to assist businesses, campaigners, Parliamentarians and political leadership.

The sustainability hub is politically neutral working across parties and in partnership with the political party environment groups including the Conservative Environment Network, Labour’s SERA, Scottish Environment LINK and the Green Liberal Democrats.